Required Reading

Education is a big part of your martial art studies. As you strive for self-improvement you should also increase your overall knowledge of traditional martial arts to become a well-rounded karateka. Below are the books deemed as Required Reading for the Kyu Grades. With each Rank comes more responsibility which in turn requires more education.

7th KyuKarate-Do My Way of LifeKarate-Do: My Way Of Life By Gichin FunakoshiAn autobiography of The Father of Modern Karate, Gichin Funakoshi.
6th KyuThe Weaponless WarriorsThe Weaponless Warriors By Richard KimShort stories of several Karate Masters of the past by Richard Kim, Sensei of Patrick McCarthy.
5th KyuOyama The Legend The LegacyOyama: The Legend, The Legacy By Michael J LordenA biography of the legend Mas Oyama, founder of Kyokushin Karate.
4th KyuTales Of Okinawans Great MastersTales Of Okinawans Great Masters By Soshin NagamineStories of several Karate Masters of the past by Shoshin Nagamine.
3rd KyuShotokan's SecretShotokan’s Secret By Bruce B. Clayton, PhdA sometimes contraversial account on the birth of Karate.
2nd KyuOkinawa Island Of KarateThe Island Of Karate By George AlexanderA great reference manual of the origins of Okinawan Karate, researched in depth by George Alexander of Shorin Ryu style.
1st KyuKarate My ArtKarate My Art By Choki Motobu Translated By Patrick Mccarthy2 Choki Motobu books translated into English by Patrick McCarthy.