Recommended Reading

Education is a big part of your martial art studies. As you strive for self-improvement you should also increase your overall knowledge of traditional martial arts to become a well-rounded karateka. Below are the books deemed as Recommended Reading for the Dan Grades. While Kyu Grades are also invited to read from this list, it’s advised that they build a solid foundation by sticking with the Required Reading List. With each Rank comes more responsibility which in turn requires more education. The Recommended Reading List is for those who strive to learn as much as possible. This list is by no means complete but will give the serious student plenty of knowledge to feed the fire.

ShodanA Primer of Kuniba-ha Karate-do The Style of Shogo KunibaA Primer Of Kuniba-Ha Karate-Do: The Style Of Shogo Kuniba By Shihan James HerndonA great reference manual of Shogo Kuniba's Karate, researched in depth by Shihan James Herndon.
NidanOkinawan Karate Teachers Styles & Secret TechniquesOkinawan Karate: Teachers, Styles & Secret Techniques By Mark BishopA great reference manual of Okinawan Martial Art styles and teachers researched in depth by Mark Bishop.
OptionalThe History Of KarateThe History Of Karate By Morio HigaonnaA Historial account of the birth of modern karate by Goju Master, Morio Higaonna.
OptionalConversations With The MasterConversations With The Master – (Book Or Video) Masatoshi NakayamaAn in depth interview with Masatoshi Nakayama before his death.
OptionalShotokan Karate A Precise HistoryShotokan Karate: A Precise History By Harry CookA great reference manual of the origins of Karate, researched in depth by Harry Cook.
OptionalThe Kyokushin Way Mas Oyama’s Karate PhilosophyThe Kyokushin Way: Mas Oyama’s Karate Philosophy By Masutatsu OyamaAn autobiography from the legend Mas Oyama, founder of Kyokushin Karate.