Katsu-Ryu Kempo

Katsu-Ryu Kempo utilizes animal fighting techniques in this martial art system. Bear, tiger, snake, cat, eagle, crane, monkey, leopard, dragon, swan, ram and praying mantis are all utilized in this ancient Japanese art that originated in China. Training includes Basic Charts, Basic Kata, Advanced Kata and Bunkai.

Katsu-Ryu Kempo isn’t a widespread studied art and its knowledge is only given out to a trusted few practitioners. Katsu-Ryu is considered an advanced art form and you must earn the right to learn this art and techniques after proving your knowledge and expertise in Kotosu-Ha Shito-Ryu.

There isn’t much written history about Katsu-Ryu Kempo but what we do know is that it was originally a Chinese art that made its way over to Japan. Soke Joseph Ruiz learned his Kempo from Kanki Izumikawa while traveling to Japan during his time in the armed service. Soke Joseph Ruiz is considered the foremost expert in the United States of this martial art system.