Welcome to Ronin Bujutsu Kai

Whatever your branch of Traditional Karate-Do, whether it is Japanese, Okinawan or Korean then this could be an important message for you.

Are you a member of a Martial Arts Dojo or Organization that fulfills your needs? Consider Ronin Bujutsu Kai and these points:

Does Your Dojo Require Mandatory Contracts?
  • Ronin Bujutsu Kai offers your First Month Free.
  • Ronin Bujutsu Kai does not require a Contract in order to train with our Kai. As a matter of fact, Contracts aren’t even offered and our low monthly fees are pay as you go.
  • Monthly Fees are $35 per month which is way below the norm of $75-$125 per month with other Dojos. We are a private based Dojo and don’t carry high overhead. This means you save money every single month and you can quit at any time without paying penalties or being held accountable for long-term contracts.
Does Your Dojo Provide Quality Time with the Sensei?
  • We run very small class sizes at Ronin Bujutsu Kai which means you always get quality time with the Sensei.
  • Classes are typically among 1-6 Students in any given class. The lower the number of students, the higher the Student:Teacher Ratio. Some Dojos have 20-60 Students per class which means your Student:Teacher Ratio is near 1:60. You typically get 1:1 – 1:6 Student Ratio at Ronin Bujutsu Kai.
 Does Your Dojo Provide Quality Leadership?
  • The Sensei of Ronin Bujutsu Kai has 25 yrs experience in Okinawan & Japanese Warrior Arts. The Dojo is a recognized School of the IKKU – International Karate Kobudo Union. Sensei Howard has spent time teaching both children and adults in the arts and has a passion for sharing knowledge with others.
  • Our motto is simply, If You Don’t Succeed, Then We Can’t Succeed.  We’re in this together and the Sensei will be active during class, working and sweating as hard as anyone else on the floor.
Does your Dojo Provide Ample Opportunity for Other High Dan Instruction?
  • Ronin Bujutsu Kai is a member of the IKKU which means we have ample opportunities for students to attend special seminars and camps year around. You’ll get access to high dan ranks that other Dojos can’t or won’t offer you.
  • The IKKU has an Annual Summer and Winter Camp, which all members are encouraged to attend. Attendees receive hard traditional training and are provided excellent opportunities to learn.
  • The IKKU host an Annual Karate and Kobudo Tournament that all members may attend, plus Quarterly Based Workshops and Clinics.
  • On annual you get up to 6 opportunities to work with high-level dans year around.
Does your current Dojo Provide Legitimate Quality Certifications?
  • Our Certifications are issued by the Director of the IKKU – International Karate Kobudo Union and are Internationally recognized.
  • Sensei Howard is a Licensed Instructor of the International Karate Kobudo Union.
  • Certifications are available for both Karate and Kobudo.
Is your Organization Economical?
  • All Students of Ronin Bujutsu Kai will be required to join and maintain active membership in the IKKU. Membership is very economical and no additional memberships are necessary for the Dojo.
    • The Annual membership fee for the IKKU is $35.00 per year, per student.
    • Lifetime memberships for the IKKU are $150.00.
  • Rank Test range from $25.00 to a maximum of $80.00 for 5th Dan Black Belt. This cost covers the cost of the test and certificate. Obi cost is an additional fee.
  • Also available are Gis, Patches, Weapons and other assorted items from time to time.

Getting more than you bargained for is a rarity these days, but the way we see it, the more we give–the more you will want to become a member of Ronin Bujutsu Kai. It’s as simple as that!  And the least we can do is see if our art is a good fit for you.